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I'm a dabbling polymath working on a range of disciplines around graphic, information, sound, product design. I've worked with clients, startups, and corporates (Google, Microsoft) both in consultant and in-house capacities driving product design from the ground up, be it setting solid UX foundations or evolving a new product needs for existing context. As simple as it may sound, I think of design as a way to alleviate cognitive overload. This mindset helps me consistently balance a human-centered thinking framework while producing system-level solutions. I believe in asking the right questions rather than chasing hypothetical answers—a process that almost always ensures success. An overview of my professional engagements over the years below 👇


Senior Product Designer

April 2020 - Present

Qatalog hopes to be the operating system for work that companies can use to organize their employee directories, align goals across the org, search through external apps, and automate asynchronous updates for projects and teams all from one hub. As the 2nd product designer on the team. I was responsible for setting up the UX foundations and conceptualize the product and UX direction for workflows and goals, I also helped to build and evolve the design system from scratch that enables designers on the team to work even faster. We also set up processes and workflows to ensure tight collaboration and shipping quality with engineering through QA's, conducted and analyzed our design through in-person and async user testing methodologies that provide the right guidance for iterative development. Go here for a deep dive on what's keeping me busy these days.


Product Designer

Jun 2018 - Apr 2020

As the first designer on the Outlook for mobile web team in Microsoft India, I was responsible for the redesign of the inbox experience and also led the design for key experimental features for the calendar experience. With an active user base of almost 70M per month. A range of different people use it for communicating with their family, syncing up on emails from universities, and managing their businesses.

One of the impactful features that I led the design for was Quick Capture, enabling users to quickly capture events or reminders rather than always entering a bulky event meeting form every time they want to make a note of something important. Try this feature on Outlook for the mobile web

Key outcomes-driven during my time here:

  • Redesigning the Outlook experience on mobile web, make it more cohesive and aligned with the Outlook ecosystem and Microsoft fluent web language, understand usage patterns from telemetry and drive feature decisions coupled with qualitative insights by regularly speaking to personas representing various age groups
  • Drive thinking towards an ideal vision for what the product can be by pitching ideas to stakeholders and getting buy-in for building features on well-researched insights
  • Establishing alignment with different teams in different geographies, regularly communicating and bouncing ideas and possibilities that could permeate through the Outlook ecosystem
  • Leading the effort to unify the Outlook mobile web design system to help other designers on the team establish consistency in patterns and components for quicker handoff and concept ideation.
  • Starting the practice of quickly getting feedback on prototypes from real people through tools like UserTesting. This helped us back our proposals with insights from real people and scrappy research without a dedicated UX researcher on the team.
  • Helping ideate and develop branded showcases to communicate, conceptualize design efforts for new initiatives like Outlook for KaiOS and celebrate the work that our team was doing over the quarters.

A comparison for how we progressively redesigned the mobile web experience from the legacy version.


Co-founder & Principal Designer

Jan 2017 - June 2018

Dabbling in a range of interests (Design, Music, Technology, Culture) myself and trying to understand where my deepest motivations, Learning has been a core driver of my experience and I am a huge proponent and practitioner of "learning by doing". The sheer essence of being able to draw out something from within you that you didn't even realize existed, something that lets you inch a little closer towards the person that you, something that helps you become a better version of yourself, every single moment is what positively impacts my life experience and will continue to do so. I partnered with Harshit Sinha to explore offline in-person interactions to enable better learning and encourage the growth of similar interest-based hyperlocal communities.


UX Design Intern

Sep 2017 - Nov 2017

Incorporating delight into the customer’s paying experience through the newly released GPay payments app only for India. My final deliverable was a set of prototypes that introduce interactive wrappers that users can attach to their payments. This involves detailing out the conceptual, interaction, and visual design both the sender and receiver experiences. Install the GPay app and try out the sparks feature while making a payment!


UX Design Consultant

Mar 2014 - Jan 2015

A project done in collaboration with FOLO & Kreativz, Khelnow is a sports social network focused on bringing together fans, teams, players & businesses to create & share content that keeps them updated about their favorite sport, all the time. It offers a gamified experience using a level tracking system that keeps you on speed with your progress as a contributor, fan, popularise hyper-local sports events & sell merchandise with exclusive deals & offers for their target audience as a business. Check out the product live here.

If you're interested in working together or collaborating on a project, send me an email