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SquadStack provides fully managed telecalling solutions for Sales & Operations teams which means that companies can reach out to potential customers through a remote workforce of sales telecallers who generate high quality leads.

I lead the design for SquadStack partners, a service that's responsible for ensuring high quality acquisition, assessment and assignment of telecalling jobs to the 1500+ Sales Experts on the platform.

SquadStack already had an existing product that was riddled with a lot of design and tech debt with an unhealthy amount of dependancy on manual processes for the service to run smoothly. Our goal was to redesign the service and platform to make it more efficient to screen high quality Sales Experts, make it easy for them to understand relevant sales collateral and provide a stellar calling experience.

Setting the foundations

As I onboarded the team, we broke down the project into phases to be able to pragmatically execute a redesign at scale, The key product themes that we had to build for came out as:

  • Onboarding: How will Sales Experts will be acquired and onboarded
  • Jobs: How will Sales Experts will be assessed and provided jobs that they can apply for and start calling leads on behalf of SquadStack's customers
  • Compensation & Benefits: How will Sales Experts be compensated + the benefits of them being a part of SquadStack e.g. Health Insurance & Bonuses
  • Support: How will Sales Experts reach out for help in case of grievances

We spoke to a lot of existing Sales Experts already working with SquadStack and discovered quite a lot of issues that were plaguing them. In addition to these we were also discovering the pain points of SquadStack's internal operations team who were managing and training Sales Experts to deliver impactful sales pitches on calls


We ensured that the onboarding was smooth and the value proposition of the product was clear, hence using clear imagery and simple descriptions was a design principle we adopted throughout the entire product journey.


After getting through the screening process, Sales Experts would now be able to see the tasks that they are eligible to apply for so we designed a space where they could get in-depth details of the task and the resources to train and apply for the task, after which if selected they could start calling potential leads.


Designing for the entire calling experience was quite a complex journey through which we had to account for the Sales Experts to get access to prior context of the lead, (in case another Sales Expert had called them before) access to resources in case the lead asks them questions and then glide through the script questions while recording responses. We also had to account for actions within the call (e.g. Rescheduling) and letting them review and edit the permissible data points before submitting the outcome of the call and moving on to the next lead.


Another crucial aspect of the product was the Earnings experience which was redesigned from ground up to provide visibility and multiple options to withdraw your money while also adding the capability to track and search across all your payments history.


And finally, a personalised home screen helping Sales Experts to track performance stats and motivate them to hit their targets beyond regular playing fields. Feel free to explore the high fidelity interactive prototype.


We conducted a thorough usability study to guage the performance of the redesign both from a user and business perspective. Sales Experts appreciated the new experience, task detail, new script experience with the ability to review and edit responses, adding custom notes and the personalised dashboard was figured to be really useful.

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