Telling URI's story to the world


Back in July 2017, I collaborated with Kreativz to design visual narratives for URI. The infographics intended to demonstrate the impact that URI has had all over the world and how it has extended it's mission to bridge differences between people of all beliefs, to create community, and to solve local and global challenges. Along with understanding the impact through consolidated data, a rigorous design process was employed to arrive at visual metaphors that appropriately present the information in an engaging and functionally meaningful manner. These infographics were to become a part of their annual report later on.


The power of we

This is the outcome of the first infographic that was printed on a two page spread in the URI impact report. It informs the potential consumers about URI's presence across the globe. After looking at the data, right from the highest level total numbers of Cooperation Circles to the most specific of countries, we decided upon the visual metaphor of a world map along with using colour as a tool for functionally letting the users guage URI's presence at a glance, the colour grade serves as a guide to get exact numbers and the relevant statistics were distilled from the need to bring forward the core accomplishments of URI as an organisation.


How URI works

This is the second infographic that showcased our intent to explain to potential donors how the URI ecosystem works, what composes our key stakeholders and how they coordinate and function together as a singular body. The metaphor that we arrived at was that of a planetary orbit with URI depicted as the sun (source) and the revolving planets as the subsequent bodies within URI engaged at the grassroots level. From here, our intent also branched out to show the 14 action areas that URI works on and how they align with the core vision of the organisation.

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