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BillDesk is one of the largest payment services companies in India, their payments API is used by large corporations to government agencies. As part of my stint at FOLO, we designed a fin-tech platform that delivers financial insights, automated reports and issue tracking services to their clients. We collaborated directly with the founders and an external development agency to successfully ship the first version of the platform while managing multiple stakeholders.

Timeline: Nov 2014 - Mar 2015

My Role: As a design consultant, I was responsible for conducting research, synthesising findings, managing stakeholders expectations, coordinating with engineering to ship the first version of the platform in 5 months involving remote and on-site engagement.

Key Outcomes

Conducted on-site lean reseach to uncover pain points of both internal employees and external customers and inform the design process

Delivered designs and coordinated development through consistent QA efforts while staying on deadlines

The first version of the platform shipped in 5 months and is used by BillDesk enterprise customers.


The product offers a dashboard for the customer to monitor the BillDesk API, the services that they are dependant on and the latest activity and issues that they need to focus on resolving.


The user can drill down into service level issues, track the sources of failure through a detailed log of activity broken down chronologically.


Users can view insights and analyse their collections pertaining to a comprehensive list of parameters. These reports are automated to be delivered through their chosen channels of communication.


Giving users the detailed breakdown into what collection sources and payment methods across timelines and surfacing the issues that they need to resolve in context.


The platform also includes a dedicated module for support teams to effectively track and manage issues throughout their channels, stay up to date on any possible failures whether predicted or existing and help their customers resolve them.

Brand & UI System

A set of basic guidelines to make sure the designs are implemented as envisioned and the developers are empowered to make the decisions that they need to iterate on the product capabilities further down the road.


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