Hey there.

Hey there.

I'm Arnav Sameer, a multi-disciplinary designer, curious Lernr, maker of Icons & a sporadic Musician

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What I've been upto 👉🏻

Designing the framework for a service and an underlying product that enables people to discover, meet & learn from other people near them.

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My Projects


BillDesk OneView

A redesigned analytics and insights tool by the oldest payment gateway in India. View on Behance

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Tez by Google

An internship project on incorporating delight into the customer’s paying experience through the newly released Google product for India. Read more

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Managing cloud applications for enterprise. View on Behance

atchayam foodbox

Atchayam FoodBox

Managing Atchayam's Foodbox outlets effectively. View on Behance

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Your one stop for everything sports. View on Behance



Rediscovering novel paradigms for discovering, sharing and listening to music today. Read more

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An assistive device that helps students of music and learning musicians to practice identifying musical intervals. Read more

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The Eternal Fountain

A study into aesthetics of motion realised through the building of a kinetic sculpture. View on Behance



An inquiry into the perception of motion. View on Behance

Projects I've given music for

Projects I've given music for

Unless & until mentioned, all rights are reserved.

Unless & until mentioned, all rights are reserved.

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